The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation

The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation serves as a catalyst for ideas, partnerships, and programs that improve the health and quality of life of at-risk populations in New Jersey. This is achieved by concentrating its efforts by funding programs that increase public awareness and provide services that expand eye health and vision care access that will offer an enhanced quality of life to underserved populations.

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Favreau Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Michael J. Siegel, Chair
Dr. Harvey Richman, Vice Chair
Portia Favreau, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. William Ference
Dr. Kathleen Kinzley
Dr. Talia Mishkin
Dr. Maria Richman
Dr. Rodolfo Rodriguez
Dr. Leonard Steiner
Dr. Michael Veliky
Dr. George Veliky 

2022 - 2023 Grants to the Parker Family Health Center (PFHC)

In 2022 and 2023, the Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation Board of Directors awarded grants to the Parker Family Health Center (PFHC), in Red Bank, New Jersey.

PFHC provides free multi-disciplinary medical care, including eye and vision care, for Monmouth County residents who meet certain requirements and who are without any medical insurance, including either Medicare or Medicaid.

Favreau board members, Drs. Mike Siegel and Maria Richman met with Dr. Gerald Kass, a retired NJSOP member who volunteers his time at the clinic. Dr. Kass requested, and the Board approved upon a satisfactory site inspection, an initial grant for the Parker Family Health Center. Additional grant money was provided in 2023.

2022 Parker Family Health Center PFHC Favreau Grant

Drs. Maria Richman, Talia Mishkin, and Ms. Portia Favreau visited the site in May 2022. At that time, they learned that Dr. Gerald Kass had a 50 patient waiting list as well as walk in patients. As of March 2023, The Favreau Foundation has assisted in facilitating the donation of eye clinic equipment, 246 eye exams have been performed by PFHC volunteer eye doctors, and 37 glasses have been given to patients. In photo, Parker Family Health Center Board Chairperson John Horl. Also present was Executive Director Suzy Dyer, Portia Favreau, and Drs. Gerald Kass and Maria Richman

Thanks to the hard work of a group of caring and giving people, equipment needed for the eye clinic was donated, delivered and installed by TEK-NET Instrument Service Company, located in Lakewood NJ. The specific people involved in making this happen were Ray Coles, owner of Tek-Net Instrument Service, Drs. Harvey and Maria Richman, Favreau Foundation Board Members, Dr. Gerald Kass and Dr. Erin Curtis, optometrist volunteer at the PFHC, and Suzy Dyer, PFHC Executive Director.

The Favreau Foundation appreciates that the Tek-Net Instrument Service Company for donating the following reconditioned equipment:

  • Minus Cylinder Phoroptor
  • Topcon Slit Lamp with 870Tonometer
  • Topcon AutoRefractor/Keratometer

The Favreau Foundation applauds Dr. Gerald Kass and Dr. Erin Curtis for volunteering their time and skills to examine the patients, and the PFHC team for improving the health and quality of life of at-risk populations in New Jersey.

Optometrists interested in volunteering their time or donating equipment can contact Dr. Maria Richman.

2024 Grant Opportunities -
You Know Your NJ Communities Best!

The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation is looking for recommendations of statewide local community programs in need of assistance with providing services that expand eye health and vision care access. With the right connections and a match, the Foundation can provide financial support to enhance quality of life to our targeted populations in need. 

Submissions accepted by local society leaders and members through July 28 for the Foundation’s consideration. The Foundation will be reviewing submissions at their 4th quarter meeting. 
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2024 Fundraising Opportunities


Online Digital Art Prints Sale

2024 Digital PrintWe extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Talia Mishkin for her exceptional craftsmanship in producing digital art prints available for purchase. Proceeds from these prints will directly support the foundation's noble cause. Elevate your office space with a digital art print, which can be matted and framed to enhance their beauty. Photo of Dr. Talia Mishkin with a framed print. $20 for one, and $30 for two.  The prints will be mailed to your preferred address. Click here to purchase them today!




Fun Run/Walk on Saturday, September 28th in Atlantic City!

Favreau Fun Run 2024The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation will be hosting a fun run/walk at the NJSOP Therapy By the Sea Event, in Atlantic City on Saturday, September 28th before breakfast.  The first 25 participants who register receive a  t-shirt.  Vintage Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation t-shirts are on sale year round.
Proceeds to benefit the Foundation's mission. Group photo of 2023 walk/run participants.





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