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NJOPAC Donation Forms

Have you donated to the NJOPAC recently? We have two ways to make a contribution:

1. Enroll in the Monthly Auto PAC Program. Any member enrolling in the monthly auto PAC program at the Patron Level of $100 per month (or higher) will receive the benefit of a 25% deduction on all in-person NJSOP sponsored continued education events. Enrollment must be completed by January 31st and must stay in effect until December 31. Use this form to enroll in Auto PAC

2. Make a one-time PAC Donation. For those interested in giving when they are able. Donate by credit card or check using this form.

PAC Disclaimer - The New Jersey Optometric Political Action Committee, Inc. (“PAC”) is registered with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) as a continuing political action committee.  The PAC is organized and operated to accept and receive voluntary political contributions from persons, firms, or corporations that may wish to contribute to the PAC in accordance with New Jersey law. The PAC will expend those funds to support those gubernatorial, legislative, county or local candidates, party committees and other political recipients that are committed to supporting the practice of optometry and that are properly registered with and regularly report to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. PAC contributions are completely voluntary. No PAC contribution is solicited or secured by a promise of benefit, job discrimination, financial reprisal or threat thereof, as a condition of employment, or obtained in any commercial transaction. Contributions or gifts to NJSOP’s PAC (ID# 22-2429210) are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or business expenses for state or federal income tax purposes.


The maximum allowable contribution is $7,200 per calendar year. Thus, under no circumstances will the PAC accept a contribution based on the above allocation (or otherwise) in excess of the $7,200 per calendar year limit. Contributions drawn upon a partnership or limited liability company account are attributable to the individual partner/member who signs the contribution check unless written instructions concerning the allocation of the contribution are provided with a signed acknowledgement by each partner/member to whom the contribution is attributable.

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