Welcome Optometric Students

The New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians is lucky to have TWO great optometric colleges right in its own backyard -- Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) and SUNY State College of Optometry (SUNY).

Whether you attend one of our on-campus student luncheons, or volunteer at an NJSOP event you're sure to develop long-lasting, mentoring relationships with experienced & knowledgeable New Jersey optometrists.

Don't attend a college in the area? Join us on facebook where you can check out pictures from the latest events, network with other students, or join a discussion group to stay involved.

Use this page as an introduction to the resources offered by NJSOP and learn how involvement in your state society can benefit you as a new O.D.

♦ NJSOP at a Glance
♦ Membership, the Key to Success
♦ 10 Tips For Being Strong, Confident And Successful
♦ Mintz Scholarship Information


NJSOP at a Glance

  • 600+ members dedicated to advancing optometry and meeting the eye care needs of the public.
  • A Board of Directors consisting of twelve ODs’ plus the Executive officers governs the NJSOP.
  • An Executive Director and office staff manages the NJSOP headquarters in Hamilton, NJ.
  • Eight committees.
  • Nine local societies are located throughout NJ.


Membership, the Key to Success

Looking to further your optometric career? Involvement in your optometric association enables you to broaden and protect the profession. Reshaping the future of optometry allows you the opportunity for practice and professional growth. The first years in practice can be a balancing act. Managing your personal and professional life is stressful. But, the membership rewards of camaraderie and advice are well worth the effort.


10 Tips For Being Strong, Confident And Successful

Don’t be timid: We were all new OD’s once. Get involved by attending local society meetings; introduce yourself and ask questions. Join a committee. This is the best way to meet others, positively impact the profession and develop leadership skills.

New OD Meetings:
We’re planning one all day CE per year dedicated to the new OD. Topics will cover; billing, coding, insurance claims, general practice management, tips on buying a private practice and more. Look for our first one in the summer of 2007!

Helpline: Confused about an optometric issue? Email our MRBC chair, or use the NJSOP List Server to reach over 400 members!

Save Money: In addition to AOA benefits, NJSOP members are entitled to a range of benefits including group buying credit, low interest credit card transactions, insurance plans, legal services, and inclusion in our Doctor Locator. Members can also discounts on continuing education, personal insurance and other services. Find out more about your NJSOP benefits.

Spread the Word: Make others aware of your professional interests and ambitions.

Visit new O.D. Online: Chat with other young ODs’ and learn how to stay ahead of the game
Women of Optometry. Are you a woman involved with optometry? Then these resources are just for you.

Licensing: Unsure about what you can and cannot do as an Optometric Physician in New Jersey? Do you know how many credits you need to maintain your license in NJ? Can you tell which courses qualify as TPA and DPA? What about advertising regulations? Find out before you get audited! The State Board of Optometry protects consumers, governs optometrists, licenses and regulates our scope of practice.

Legislature: Many bills impacting optometry come before the state legislature. Keep abreast of what’s going on at the New Jersey Legislature, find your legislator and use their fax/e-mail information to contact them with your concerns when optometric issues come up.

NJ Managed Care:
Looking to become a provider to NJ Managed Care Organizations? The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance maintains an online list of authorized HMOs.


Mintz Scholarship Information

The Dr. Leslie Mintz Scholarship is awarded annually to an optometry school student or students who possess academic excellence, financial need, and the desire to serve the profession of optometry as did Dr. Leslie Mintz. The amount of each scholarship award can fluctuate based upon the yearly performance of the scholarship endowment fund; however, the scholarships often range from $1000 to $2500 per recipient. The total number and amount of scholarships awarded each year varies based upon the number of qualified applicants.

View the scholarship rules and requirements
Complete the online scholarship application
Download and print the scholarship application