NJSOP in the News

NJSOP Warns Consumers of Illegal Sales of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Optometric physicians warn wearers not to share their colored contact lenses with friends.

Back to School Eye Exams

Dr. Dan Desrivieres is featured on CN8 explaining the need for children to receive a comprehensive eye exam before going back to school.

Eye Safety Tips for the Holidays

Toys such as darts, arrows and air-pumped ball or missile launchers are the main culprits in eye injuries.

Sunglasses Aren’t Just For Summer Anymore

When putting on your gloves, hat, and scarf this winter, remember to put on the one accessory that should be worn in every season.

Kids and Contact Lenses: How Young is too Young?

One of the most frequent questions optometric physicians get asked by parents, “Is my child old enough to wear contact lenses?”

The Importance of Pediatric Eyecare

Dr. Friedman discusses the importance of pediatric eyecare.

Tanning Beds and Your Eyes

Radiation levels inside a tanning bed can be 100 times more intense than the sun’s radiation levels.

Allergies and Your Eyes

Dr. Kimberly Friedman, former President of the NJSOP, discusses allergies and your eyes on Fox-29.

Optometrists Warn Consumers of Illegal Sales of Contact Lenses

Dr. Friedman appears on Fox-29’s morning news program, “Good Day Live,” to discuss this growing problem.

Could Your Diet Be Affecting Your Eyesight?

Healthy eating habits can mean healthy eyes.

Potentially Blinding Sports-Related Eye Injuries

With school sports back in full swing, your child's vision could be at risk.

Halloween Safety Tips

Dr. Kimberly Friedman discusses Halloween Safety Tips and the dangers of using novelty colored contact lenses as costume accessories.

Diabetes and Your Eyesight

For people with diabetes, the consequences of eating and drinking too much can have a devastating effect on their eyesight.

Allergies and Your Eye

With 22 million people suffering from allergies during the Spring, Dr. Kimberly Friedman discusses on CN8’s “Your Morning” how to get relief from red, itchy, watery eyes.

Color Contact Dangers

Colored contact lenses are dangerous and illegal without a prescription. Listen to Dr. Kimberly Friedman of the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians talk about this growing problem on CN8’s “Your Morning”.

Vision Therapy & ADD

Some kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) may actually have vision problems. Dr. Leonard Press discusses the relationship between vision problems and ADD on News 12.

Eyecare: Diabetes, Vision and Blindness

Join Dr. Kimberly Friedman and Gwen Jones as they discuss diabetes, your eyesight and the value of a comprehensive eye exam on CN 8’s “Your Morning.”

Eye Safety, Toys and the Holidays

Each year, thousands of children visit emergency rooms and doctors offices with eye injuries from toys. Dr. Kimberly Friedman discusses eye safety, toys and the holidays on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

Look Younger, See Better — Eyeglass Makeovers

Forget plastic surgery, Dr. Kimberly Friedman demonstrates the dramatic effect of changing your glasses on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

Sun Danger: Protect your Eyes

The right pair of sunglasses can save your vision. Join Dr. Kimberly Friedman as she discusses protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

Tanning Risks and Your Eyes

Do tanning salons pose a risk to your eyes? Join Dr. Laura Perrin on CN8’s “Your Morning” as she discusses the dangers and precautions to keep you safe.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Eyes

Can eating carrots really improve your eyesight? Dr. Laura Perrin food and it’s effect on your eyes on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

Medical Check-Up: Glaucoma Screening

Watch NJSOP member Dr. Larry Wallis discuss “All Eyes on the Family” a project funded by the Lions Club International Foundation and Allergan on WHYY’s “Delaware Tonight.”

Computer Vision Syndrome: Relief in Sight

Tune in as Dr. Laura Perrin discusses how computer usage impacts our eyes on CN8’s “Your Morning” with Greg Coy.

Kids and Contact Lenses - Is it Safe?

“Is my child old enough to wear contact lenses? Is it safe?” Watch Dr. Kimberly Friedman as she answers questions about kids and contact lenses on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

Does “Pink Eye” Have You Seeing Red?

Pink Eye is an extremely contagious inflammation of the eye. Join Dr. Laura Perrin as she disuses pinkeye and conjunctivitis on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

March Madness — Risking Your Eyes

Each year over 600,000 Americans visit the emergency room with an eye injury from sports. Take heed as Dr. Paul Berman talks about risk and prevention on CN8’s “Your Morning.”

Seeing Clearly - Back to School Eye Exams

Take a look as NJSOP’s Dr. Leonard Press and Bill Nye the Science Guy promote the importance of back to school eye exams.

Seeing is Believing: Eye Exams for Classroom Success

10 million children in America have vision conditions that can negatively affect learning and almost 1/4 have a vision problem. Join Dr. Laura Perrin as she discusses eye exams for classroom success.

Don’t Let Costs Keep You From Eye Care

Join Dr. Larry Wallis of the Camden Eye Center on Comcast Newsmakers as he talks about affordable eye care.